Administrative Law and Process

KTP GROUP Law Firm is ready to offer professional legal assistance on tax, customs, financial law, the protection of client’s interests in the imposition of penalties (fines, penalties, other liability) by state and local authorities, tax, and other regulatory / inspection bodies, namely (but not exclusively):

  • consulting on taxation issues (and mandatory payments to the budget) in general; consulting on emerging taxes and mandatory payments when making certain transactions / operations;
  • assistance in choosing a taxation system, when switching to another taxation system; drafting and filing of documents with tax (and other fiscal) authorities on these issues;
  • practical support (presence of our specialist) during inspections by tax or other regulatory authorities (labour inspectorate, bodies of the Pension Fund of Ukraine etc.);
  • conducting negotiations and correspondence with tax and other regulatory bodies (inspections, funds, institutions) and government and local authorities;
  • appeal of the results of inspections, reports, decisions of regulatory authorities on the application of penalties (fines, penalties etc.) (including appeals through courts);
  • representation of the interests of legal entities and private individuals in court hearings in trial administrative courts of Ukraine, in the administrative courts of appeal, in the Administrative Court of Cassation of the Supreme Court on claims for the collection of tax or other administrative fines, debts to the budget, for other requirements of agencies or public officers.