Intellectual Property and GDPR

KTP GROUP Law Firm provides high-quality legal services in the field of registration and protection of intellectual property rights in the following areas:

Acquisition of Intellectual Property Rights

  • legal support of registration of rights to marks for goods and services (trademarks) and other intellectual property items both in Ukraine and in other countries;
  • extension of the term of protection for trademarks and other intellectual property items;
  • filing of applications for the recognition of marks as widely known in Ukraine with the Appeals Chamber of the State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine and with judicial authorities;
  • assessment of possible risks during registration, acquisition, and subsequent use of intellectual property items;
  • formation of a portfolio of intellectual property rights. 

Use of Intellectual Property Assets:

  • due diligence of intellectual property items in order to assess the existing risks (in particular, before the acquisition or sale of such items);
  • preparation, legal analysis, and registration of license agreements for the use of intellectual property items and agreements on the transfer of rights to such items.

Transfer of Rights to Intellectual Property Items:

  • development, due diligence, and support of the procedure for concluding agreements (contracts) in the field of intellectual property, including agreements on the transfer of rights and copyright and licensing agreements.

Intellectual Property Protection:

  • protection of the rights and interests of owners in case of violation of intellectual property rights using judicial and extrajudicial procedures both in Ukraine and in other states;
  • registration of intellectual property items in the customs register of Ukraine.